If You’re Having A Hard Time To Reach Your Promised Land, Listen to This!

“Moses My servant is dead; now therefore arise, cross this Jordan, you and all these people, to the land which I am giving to them, to the sons of Israel.” -Joshua 1:2

God used Moses to set the Israelites free from captivity and slavery in Egypt. Pharaoh’s heart was just so hard that he wouldn’t let them go. So God sent 10 plagues to Egypt to show them that He is God and He wants His people out of that bondage.

On their way to promised land, Israelites grumbled to Moses and to the Lord so many times because the journey wasn’t that easy for them. However, the Lord did not fail to provide for them. As they were journeying in the wilderness, manna rained from heaven for bread, quails were sent to provide meat (Exodus 16:4,13-18), a strong wind made a path for the Israelites through the sea (Exodus 14:21-29), bitter waters were made sweet and drinkable (Exodus 15:22-25), water from the rock (Numbers 20:2-13), and many more.

Moses who had led them for 40 years died and wasn’t able to come with them to the Promised Land. The Lord told them to keep going, to arise, and to continue their journey to the promised land, forgetting what has happened in the past because He is giving them new life in a new land.

We can relate to this story of Israelites who wandered for so long. But for sure, God also has promised us our own inheritance. But how do we claim it? How do we really get there? Watch the full video below. This is such a powerful revelation! It will encourage you to arise and keep going!

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