Woman Buys Birthday Cake For Someone Else’s Child Every Year For A Heartbreaking Reason

Photo: Ashley Santi

A birthday is never complete without a birthday cake. That is why one mom decided to dedicate a day wherein she will do an act of kindness–buying a birthday cake every year for a child she doesn’t know. The woman is Ashley Santi from Scottsdale Arizona. In a talk with Buzzfeed News, Ashley shared her reason on why she buys a birthday cake for someone else’s child.

Photo: Ashley Santi

It turns out that Ashley had a beautiful daughter named McKenna Jodell. She deeply loved her but due to a tragic accident, she had to say goodbye to her. McKenna died at 9 months old after she was crushed by TV that fell on her. The accident resulted into a traumatic brain injury, which eventually led to her death.

Photo: Ashley Santi

It was a really dark time in Ashley’s life. However, she did not want to lose hope in finding joy and peace again. She got connected to Miss Foundation, a community of compassion and hope for grieving families. Through the organization, she found a whole new purpose in life and that’s when she started her heart touching tradition.


Photo: MISS Foundatioin Tucson

Every December 27th, Ashley will head over to a local bake shop and pay for a stranger’s cake before they pick it up from the store. The reason for such random act of kindness is simple but heart melting–because she is unable to buy a cake for her own daughter’s birthday, she will buy for someone else’s instead. She leaves a note behind to the recipient of the free cake to explain why she is doing what she is doing. Basically, Ashley’s act of kindness is in loving memory of McKenna who died in 2008.

Just recently, a young girl named Madison, 11, received Ashley’s birthday cake surprise at a grocery store. She left a note saying: “In honor of my daughter’s 10th birthday I have chosen your birthday cake to pay for.” She also told her to enjoy her day. Madison’s brother, Kyle Jauregui, 23, shared about the event via Twitter and it went viral. Kyle said that he and his family are just so thankful for Ashley’s act of kindness.

(Photo: Twitter/KyleJauregui)

He also said that Madison felt really loved and really blessed with the gesture. Kyle got in touch with Ashley and they spoke over the phone on a Sunday night. They have not met in person yet but Kyle and his family are hoping to meet her one of these days.

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