Winner of the Recent “Romania’s Got Talent” Is a Teen With No Arms and Femurs

Fourteen-year-old teenager amazed Romania on March 11, 2017. Her appearance on “Romania’s Got Talent” made a call to people to express their support for unborn children with defects.

Her name is Alberta Mosnegutu and she’s popularly known as “Lorelai.” She was abandoned at birth like a garbage after doctors estimated that she only has a few days to live. But Mommy Vio came to her rescue and helped her to stand up on her own despite her disability.

She first talked at the age of 3 and walked at the age of 4. Mommy Vio cultivated her talents and her personality to bring a change to this world. Indeed she changed the world with her first appearance on TV that captivated millions of viewers’ hearts!

“I fall ten times and I rise twenty times.” – Lorelai

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