Toddler Caught Having A Sweet Moment With God Through Baby Monitor

Photo: YouTube/Kayla Chapman

Many will agree that there is something so precious about a child praying to God sincerely. On the surface, it looks adorable, sweet, and cute that it just makes you want to whip out your phone and capture the moment.

But if you look beyond that, a praying child is a picture of what it means to have faith–as children trust their earthly fathers, we should trust that our “Father in heaven [will] give good gifts to those who ask him” (Matthew 7:11).

Photo: YouTube screen shot/Kayla Chapman

This is the reason why parents Caleb and Kathryn Whitt from South Carolina immediately shared a footage of their 2-year old baby, Sutton, praying all by herself. It was already bedtime when Caleb and Kathryn suddenly heard something coming from the baby monitor.

Sutton had awakened after being put to sleep an hour ago. What she did next was something that Caleb and Kathryn did not expect at all.

Staying in her crib, Sutton began saying her night time prayer. Her parents turned up the monitor to hear what she had to say to God.

What they heard was something that really melted their hearts. Sutton prayed for all the important people in her life including her mommy and daddy.

Photo: YouTube screen shot /Kayla Chapman

She also remembered to pray for her grandparents and even enumerated names of her aunts, uncles, and school friend.

“She never forgets anybody’s name,” Kathryn told ABC News. She’s so sweet and kind-hearted. That’s just the type of person she is. And this video is jut a way to see that. It shows her heart works.”

She then started saying “thank you” for each one of her family and friends. The whole moment lasted for full two minutes, and even ended her prayer time with a big “Amen!.”

Two minutes may seem like a short time, but for a 2-year old child, her simple prayer time was a precious moment spent with God.

What’s even more amazing about it is the fact that no one told her do it. No one was also there to teach her what to say. It was purely all coming from a little child’s heart with a big faith.

Photo: YouTube screen shot/Fox

May we all be inspired with Sutton’s faith. May we seek to possess a childlike modesty in addition to our faith. May we always remember that even the simplest prayers are heard by God.

He does not let any of our words just vanish into thin air. He hears, He sees and He answers.

Matthew 19:14, Then Jesus said, “Leave the children alone, and don’t try to keep them from coming to Me, because the kingdom of heaven is made up of people like this.”

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