Texas Pastor Delivers A Powerful Sermon Live On National Television When Reporter Asked “Are Prayers Enough?”

Photo | MSNBC

A close friend of the First Baptist Church Pastor, Pastor Paul Buford was interviewed by MSNBC reporter on Monday concerning the dreadful mass shooting. He is the pastor of River Oaks Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, just 2 miles away from where the incident took place.

As he was being interviewed, the reporter went on to ask, “Are prayers enough?”

“I think, absolutely they are,” he answered during the on-air segment. “It’s only our faith in God that’s going to get us through this.”

Pastor Buford and the reporter’s conversation went interestingly when he was asked how society can help stop events like this from happening outside of prayer.

Right then and there, the Pastor delivers a powerful mini-sermon live on National Television!

Source: MSNBC, Faithwire

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