Texas Church Massacre Victims Tribute: “Where Was God In This Terrible Story?” POWERFUL!

YouTube | Clayton Jennings

Tragic. Painful. Horrible. This is how many people describes the Sutherland Springs Texas shooting event. And this is a call for all Christians to unite in prayer especially for those families who experienced loss and pain.

Many unbelievers tend to question the power of our God over this dreadful event, and this spoken word by Clayton Jennings entitled “Believers Never Die” hopes to answer their big questions.

Despite all the hurt that we believers felt because of what happened, this must not stop us to worship our living God. It is a very wonderful moment for us to lift our pain and prayers to Him. God moves in mysterious ways. His understanding is wider than we think.

So together, let’s come in unity for our brothers and sisters. Because real believers of Jesus never die. And though they are taken away from their fleshly bodies, we know that an eternal life is waiting for them. And this is the hope that Jesus Christ gave to those who truly believe in Him.

Watch this tribute for the church in Sutherland Springs Texas and together let’s pray for the families who were affected by the event:

Credits: Clayton Jennings

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