Texas Church Massacre Victim Wrote Something In Her New Notebook Before Getting Shot

With 20 injured and 26 lives taken away, the Texas Church massacre in Sutherland Springs is packed with stories from families left behind by the victims. One story shared is by Charlene Uhl, whose daughter Haley Kreuger, 16, was killed in the shooting.

Uhl said that she was able to find out her daughter’s last words through a writing she made in her notebook. Two days before the tragedy, Uhl bought her daughter a spiral-bound notebook that Haley used as a journal. She brought it along with her to church on Nov. 5 after Uhl dropped her off at First Baptist Church.

She mentioned that the church had a special meaning for her daughter because it was where she found social support when her father died of pancreatic cancer two years ago. The group helped her get through the difficult time in her life.

At some point on that Sunday morning, Haley drew pink hearts and green crosses on the first page of her notebook. But what was quite stirring was the words she wrote: “I accept God. Take me away Jesus help me not hurt anymore.”

Her last words implied that she was thinking of heaven before she died. Uhl has been preparing for her daughter’s funeral and a friend of her has launched an online fundraiser to cover the costs.

Source: HuffPost

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