Sudanese Refugee Tearfully Falls On His Knees To Praise God In The Middle Of Texas Airport

Vimeo | Robert Fuqua

A Sudanese refugee gave all his praise and thanksgiving to God when he finally landed in the Texas airport. With his knees on the ground and his hands lifted up, Dyan, the refugee, thanked the Lord for allowing him to be reunited with his wife and three children.

The emotional moment all started back in 2012 when a Sudanese woman arrived in Forth Worth, Texas. She was pregnant and with her two small children. Her husband was not with them as he was not allowed to leave the refugee camp due to lack of evidence that they are married. The couple lost their marriage papers while trying to flee from the war.

Because of the situation, Dyan was left with no choice but to say goodbye to his family without certainty that they will ever see them again. It took him four years to settle the issue and that was when he finally got cleared for travel to America to be reunited with his wife and children including their now three-year old child for the first time ever.

Their reunion was caught by the camera and it was a very tearjerker moment for everyone. Watch the video below:

Source: Faithwire

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