Sister Sees Adoptive Sibling For The First Time, Her Reaction Is Priceless!

YouTube screenshot/Shane Pruitt

Meeting a sibling for the first is always a beautiful moment. Not everyone will remember though as some may be too young to recall the moment. Luckily nowadays, memories can be kept forever through captured moments.

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When Shane Pruitt and his wife, Kasi, brought their new adopted baby girl for the first time at home, their oldest daughter, Raygen, had a very emotional reaction. The Pruitt parents didn’t expect it at all. Fortunately, Shane was able to take a video of the whole introduction. At least Glory, the new baby, will see later on how much her siblings love her and how happy they were seeing her for the first time.

YouTube screenshot/Shane Pruitt

It took months of discussion before the Pruitts decided on adopting another child again into their family. They already have two children of their own and two adoptive. The couple, who belongs to to the Southern Baptists of Texas, agreed that it was time to expand their family again. And after meeting and settling adoption terms with Glory’s mother, the Pruitts waited for the little girl to be born.

When they received the special call, Shane and Kasi rushed to the hospital to finally meet Glory. They bonded with her for a bit in the hospital and made sure everything was well with her health. The couple then brought her home to introduce her to the four older siblings.

Shane and Kasi’s children already knew that a baby was coming but they didn’t expect it to be so soon. That’s why when Raygen and her other sister Harper saw Glory for the first time, they were leaping for joy and excitement. They were initially surprised but it quickly turned into a very emotional one, with Raygen suddenly in tears of joy.

YouTube screenshot/Shane Pruitt

She was overwhelmed seeing Glory for the first time that she even wanted to hold her already. Raygen’s tears made Kasi tear up as well. And when asked if they were going to love her very much, the older siblings excitedly answered “yes.”

It’s clear to see that Shane and Kasi have raised up beautiful and kind-hearted children by just watching their reactions to a new baby. Regardless of Glory’s skin color and race, they see a beautiful girl whom they promise to love and care for as if they all came from the same womb.

Watch the heartwarming meeting of the Pruitt children to their newest adopted sibling in the vide below. Don’t forget to share!

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