Selena Gomez’ Remarkable Message To The Girls: ‘You’re More Than An Instagram Like’

It’s no secret that social media has take over the young generation. It has its advantages but it also has its disadvantages. One of its downside is the brainwashing of many young minds. Apparently, girls and boys are basing their identities on social media approval either on Instagram or Facebook. They yearn for that thumbs up or heart signifying an approval or likening to their posts, which are usually about their lifestyle, looks and others.

But for global superstar Selena Gomez, she wants to send a message to everyone especially to the young girls. She wants to let them know that they are more than their selfies or outfit of the day. The 25-year old “Kill Em With Kindness” singer has really used her platform to inspire young girls as they inspire her as well. Watch Gomez’s interview with Today and be inspired!

Source: Today

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