Pregnant Mom Becomes Hero After Their SUV Drowned In Ice Cold Lake

Photo: KMOV-TV

Heather Vaden is thankful to God for saving her and her 2-year old son after their SUV fell into a man-made lake.

Reports revealed that Vaden was just driving when she suddenly swerved to the side to avoid hitting a dog. But the avoidance only led to a petrifying event which put their life in danger.

“I just swerved and I think I hit a ditch which then bounced us up,” she told KMOV-TV. “I know we hit the fence and then we went straight into the water.”


The moment they hit water, Vaden tried to look for something that she can use to shatter the window, considering it would be difficult to open the door due to the pressure of the water. She couldn’t find anything so she began kicking the window until it finally broke out.

She quickly grabbed her son and swam out of the car 20 to 30 feet–all with a broken arm. Her husband was fortunately driving by and he dove into the water to try to save his family. He didn’t realize they were already out of the water.

“Thank God we are all safe and who cares about all the other stuff. We’re safe, we got out,” she said. “So, that’s what I’m thankful for this year.”


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