Pastor’s Wife Had An Affair And Got Pregnant, But How God Restored Their Marriage Is Unthinkable

YouTube | Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

The most painful thing that could ever happen between husband and wife is infidelity. More often than not, marriages that go through a marital problem like an affair instantly end in divorce. But for Audrey and Bob, they got a second chance.

Audrey got sexually involved with a young man who was welcomed into their home by Bob who saw that he needed some guidance. But his involvement in their home only turned into a temptation for Audrey. He was flirting with her and this sparked something in her. Soon enough, the spark turned into a fire and the next thing she knew, she was deep into sin.

Watch how Bob reacted to the ordeal and how God moved into their marriage after the affair:

Source: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

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