A Mother Showed The Power Of A Prayer During A Tornado

A Tornado Almost Killed This Woman’s Family But Her Mother Showed The Extraordinary Power Of Prayer!

Rhonwyn Kendrick is a woman who believed that prayer and her relationship with God should always be on top of the list.

Back on April 1, 1948, a tornado came and hit their farm property. Rhonwyn was only 6-year old that time but she remembers everything as if it were only yesterday. As the tornado was wrecking everything outside, her mother took her and her siblings in the kitchen. She recalls how her mother cried out to the Lord, begging to keep them safe.

A few minutes later, the noise settled into silence, they went outside seeing everything around them in ruins but their house stayed in one piece.

From then on, Rhonwyn embraced the power of prayer, to be able to call upon God anytime and in every moment of her life and she has influenced her sons to do the same.

Watch her touching story about how mighty prayers are and how she inspired the making of the movie ‘War Room’

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