Man Prays For Sick Little Girl And Holy Spirit Sweeps Over Whole Hospital Floor!

Facebook | Torben Søndergaard

About 2 months before the kickstart event in Brazil, Amanda’s mom prayed for her family, especially her daughter, to experience and really encounter God. But just before the event took place, her daughter was hospitalized

Unfortunately, Amanda was diagnosed with pancreatitis and cannot attend the event although she wanted to.

One day, a true follower of Jesus visited her in the hospital. He is Torben Søndergaard, the man who prayed for her on the hospital bed.

At that moment everything changed because the Holy Spirit took over the whole hospital floor! The sick children who were in the same room with Amanda were touched by the Holy Spirit too and doctors say it was undeniably a miracle!

Check out the powerful testimony’s actual footage below.

Credits: Torben Søndergaard

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