Man Calls His Favorite Restaurant Server, Hands Him The Keys To His Extra Car

When you know you are very blessed, you cannot help but be a blessing to others as well. This is what Edward Pollard decided to do after Christmas Day 2017. Pollard, a Houston, Texas personal injury attorney, decided to bless someone whom he met at his favorite restaurant.

Photo: Facebook/Edward Pollard

Pollard is a regular at Willie G’s Seafood & Steaks. Every time he dines in there, he requests for his favorite waiter, James Booker. The reason why he always asks for Booker to serve him is because of his extreme politeness and conversational nature. These characters in Booker easily led Pollard to be friends with him.

In a Facebook video that Pollard posted, he said that Booker is the kind of man who can instantly brighten anyone’s day. He said that often times, he sees Booker sitting at a nearby bus stop after work.

Whether it’s a hot day or a winter time, Booker walks through those seasons without any complain. “No matter his circumstances when I see him at work he is always upbeat and a joy to be around,” Pollard wrote. Because of Booker’s joyful disposition, Pollard came up with a life-changing thought.

“God has blessed me to own an extra car,” Pollard said.  “A car that I rarely use unless there is an emergency. For Christmas God placed on my heart that I should give my extra car to this gentleman. So with the help of Elite Collision Center, we were able to get the car in great running order and detailed like new. I presented this car to him the day after Christmas and he was so appreciative.”

Photo: Facebook Screen shot

Booker’s raw and genuine reaction to Pollard’s gift was all caught in the camera. When Pollard handed the keys to the car, Booker couldn’t believe it. It was too overwhelming for him that all he could do was say his thank you and give Pollard a hug.

Photo: Facebook Screen shot

He also teared up as he walked closer to the car to check it out. Pollard concluded his post with an important reminder for everyone:

“As we embark on 2018, be mindful of others, and when possible, do something to encourage and lift them up. Let’s pledge to do everyday simple things in 2018 to be the change we want to see. Happy New Year.”

Booker’s life is an example that when you do everything with love and joy in your heart, people will notice it. And you unknowingly become a blessing to others no matter how little it may seem. In return, God blesses you tremendously. Truly, you reap what you sow, and Booker has reaped from all the smiles he has sowed.

As for Pollard, he is such an inspiration to everyone for responding to God’s voice. May God bless his generous and obedient heart.

Source: Edward Pollard

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