Jesus’ Response To A Divorced Iranian Woman Reveals God’s Pursuit In The Midst Of Divorce

We all want to experience happy endings and live happily ever after. I don’t think it’s just because of the influence from what we’ve seen in the movies but people really have the desire and core need to be loved and to love, to be pursued and pursue, and feel the warmth of being valued. We want someone to acknowledge our worth, someone that will make us feel that we are enough. We always want to have that someone who will see us as we are, in our best and worst days, yet still love us the same.

Tessa witnessed and experienced the broken marriage her parents had, and as a child it hurt her more than she thought it did. She then promised herself to never divorce the man she will marry.

As a novelist, Tessa wanted and looked for a man who portrays the characters from the novels she read – the perfect catch, a fairytale-like man. Sad to say, her expectations were the cause of her great disappointments. Her marriage failed and all the destructive and depressing thoughts came to her mind, saying she wasn’t enough and that she needed to strive more to be loved.

But God had another story for her. In the deepest sorrow of Tessa, He showed Himself and gestured her to follow Him. Little did she know that those gestures lead her to the Man she has been looking for all her life.

Are you struggling with divorce right now, or any relationship gaps? Listen to Tessa’s testimony as she shares the restoring and redemptive power of God’s love, emphasizing the depth of it to us!

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