ISIS Assassin Meets Jesus The Moment He Runs To Kill Christian Evangelist. Powerful Encounter!

YouTube | Bethel Music

As far as we all know, Islam is the dominant religion present in the Middle East today. Christians are even known to be persecuted in this Central part of Asia. But behind all these persecution is the presence of our living God, the Lord Jesus doing such amazing encounters with the Muslim people right now. A lot of Muslims even claim seeing Jesus wearing white in their dreams and visions and as a result, they received Him as their Lord and Savior.

Recently, another powerful testimony was posted on Bethel Music by the missionary Sean Feucht. It was a man named Fadi, an ISIS assassin, who miraculously encountered Jesus head on when he was about to kill the ex-Muslim Christian Evangelist Abraham because of his faith.

Witness this praiseworthy moving of God through this video!

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