Indian Man Miraculously Healed After a Christian Prayed For Him!

India is firmly rooted in Hinduism. In fact, about 82% of them are Hindu and they serve numerous gods and goddesses. Polytheism has become a fundamental part of their belief system. Aside from Hinduism, there are also  Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism existing in the country.

This makes the country make a tough place to live for many Christians. Christians are regularly being attacked by radical Hindus in the country. Only 2.5% of the population in India is Christian making it a tough place for them because discrimination and persecution are everywhere.

Nevertheless, many are still visiting India to share the Gospel. They pray for sick people on the street, worship in public, share the Gospel, and release the love of God to people. Example of such great faith and boldness are these three guys who went to India to minister to people.

They are Darren Wilson, Jake Hamilton, and Mark Marx. A large crowd had actually flocked around them because what these 3 men are doing is very unusual for them. They prayed for a man who had a knee pain and when one of them prayed for him, he received his healing instantly and he got very surprised. The man who prayed for him told him that it was Jesus who healed him. He was totally astonished!

Truly, God is alive and good and He does good things!

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