Hindu Girl Oppressed By Father For Being A Christian, But One Miracle Turns Him To God

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Urvashi was born and raised in New Delhi, a country that is comprised of a population that is 89.8 percent Hindu. She had a bad childhood to begin with but her life became worst when she decided to accept Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior when she was in first year college.

Because of her decision to become a Christian, she got to see the real cost of being Jesus’ follower.Her father and elder brother beat her badly for believing in Jesus. One time, she was beaten and left at a worst condition at a police station and even accused her as a prostitute.

Urvashi did not waver in her faith though and God saw it. Her life started turning around when she met her husband whom she shared the gospel with. He accepted it and from then on, miracles started happening in her own family.

Watch Urvashi’s story of standing firm in her faith despite great challenges in her life! May you be encouraged to never give up on your faith no matter the persecution because the cost of following Jesus is worth it:


Source: strongtower27

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