How To Find A Godly Man

Nowadays, a lot of women say godly men are rare to find. You can spot a lot of Christian boys in church but only a few of them is truly pursuing the desire to become like Christ. For this reason, millennial women are careful to whom they open their hearts to.

This is what Milena Ciciotti explained about on her video blog on YouTube. She was recently married last June 2017 to Jordan, a man of God whom she had a 5 year relationship with and never engaged to sex before marriage. All the time, many people ask her of how she found her godly husband and she shares some tips for all the single girls out there.

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Although Milena gave out some tips in some ways in what to look out for, she counsels not to get offended to the silly jokes she included in the skip part of the vlog.

1. Look at yourself and see how you are acting and portraying yourself.

Don’t be complaining about all the guys out there in the world when you’re not acting the way that you would like for your significant other to act.

2. What are your intentions for a relationship?

Ask yourself, “Do you want a relationship because you simply want attention and want someone to cuddle with? Or are you looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with? What are you looking for? Are you just in love with the idea of having a boyfriend?

Instagram | milenaciciotti

3. Look how a person talks to their parents, their siblings, their teachers or other people.

If they talk disrespectfully to these inner circle of people in their life, it might be a red flag because there’s a big possibility, in just a matter of time that he’ll do it to you too.

4. Check how they want to spend time with you.

Make sure to see if the person wants to know you more as a person or simply sees you as an object to gain something from you. A guy who knows his boundaries and knows where his temptations are and knows how to avoid them accordingly.

As a man who was looking for a godly wife before, Jordan left a powerful message:

“To all the ladies out there from a guy’s perspective, just be secure yourself. Know where your worth comes from. It’s not from how you dress or who you hang out with or what your body looks like. It’s that you’re a daughter of God, that you’re HIS creation, you’re made beautifully in HIS image, so your worth comes from being HIS.”

Source: Milena Ciciotti

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