Ex-Lesbian Who Turned To Jesus Responds to ‘Brainwashing’ Accusations

Facebook | Anchored North
Facebook | Anchored North

Just recently, a Christian speaker testified her real life redemption story of how she overcame homosexual lifestyle through a video from the page Anchored North. Her video went viral that it sparked a huge controversy and debate amongst the netizens.

Emily Thomes, now married and expecting a baby, has been speaking out about leaving behind homosexuality after encountering the love of God. In the video, she explained how she lived her “super wild” lifestyle before and even had a romantic relationship with another girl when she was still 15 years old.

“It was my first time ever dating someone,” Thomes says in the video, which has been viewed over 2.1 million times as of Wednesday.

Facebook | Anchored North

She was already a Christian before but reasoned that God would be accepting of her relationship.
“God being love meant God was nice and God was chill with what you were cool with,” she thought to herself during that time.

“By 18 and 19 and 20, I was super wild and in serial relationships with women,” Thomes revealed.

She added that she ended up getting engaged to a woman who had two children when she entered nursing school.

At 22, that’s when everything started to change. She got invited to a Bible study and agreed to go.

Facebook | Anchored North

“I expected them to bring up my lifestyle really early, and use that as justification for not coming back, so I agreed to go,” Thomes recalled.

“Different women in that circle were talking about different experiences they had. I have nothing like that, and it bugged me. I could not stop thinking, ‘what if all of that’s true?'” she wondered.

“‘Are you sure this is who you are?’ I couldn’t stop questioning. I need to feel OK. Because I don’t feel OK anymore.”

Thomes then began seeking for the answers to the questions arising in her whole being. She searched Bible verses through the internet.

Facebook | Anchored North

“Those who practice homosexuality, which was me, and also drunkards and a bunch of other things that I would’ve been, I realized that I was in the ‘will I enter the Kingdom of God?’ lineup and it scared me really really bad,” she explained.

“And then I read verse 11,” she said in reference to 1 Corinthians 6:11. “And it says, ‘And such were some of you, but you are washed, you are sanctified, you are justified.'”

She realized and found out that there were a lot of people like her situation too, and that they were redeemed, changed and saved. And she admitted she needed it too.

Facebook | Anchored North

“I could hold on to my sin and reject God, or I could turn to Him. All the debt that I’d wracked up living like I lived didn’t have to be mine if I could trust Him. So that was it,” Thomes continued.

“I knew what I wasn’t going to do, because it was right there, it was black and white. I’d twisted those Scriptures before, I’d argued them down, I’d say ‘judge not’ to them like that mattered, and then that day it was like my eyes were really opened. I was amazed at the grace He’d shown me.”

She stressed out that people who claim they were “born this way” need grace as much as she does.

“It’s not gay to straight. It’s lost to saved. God calls us not to heterosexuality but holiness,” she declared.

Facebook | Anchored North

The viral video has brought both online support for Thomes, but also criticism that her arguments are harmful to gay people.

“So many people, no matter their lifestyle, believe as you did before, ‘If God is love, then He’s chill with whatever I do and whomever I love.’ Even many churches preach this! I’m so proud of you for speaking against that lie,” wrote user Nocle DeMille last week in the video’s comments section.

Another user also disputed, however, that the video is “enough to push gay children over the edge to suicide.If God changed her, why didn’t the prayers of my daughter count? So so wrong. I’m willing to bet good money that she is on the bisexual spectrum, or else she is really doing an injustice being in a relationship with that young man,” he wrote about her husband.“Let me tell anyone who is gay and watching this video that God created you just exactly as you are and ‘He saw that it was good.’ You are loved and precious.”

Watch Emily Thomes’ testimony below and read the article she recently posted on her blog entitled Conversion Therapy vs. Conversion to Christ, as a response to the accusations of her testimony as a brainwashing story.

Source: Christian Post

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