Ex-Drug Dealer Woman Ruined Her Life, Until She Met An Old Lady In Jail

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Life is like a roller coaster. It is filled with ups and downs. Sometimes, when things get very tough, the ride ends up in a ditch, making it very hard to get back up again.

But no matter how far you’ve gone down, there is always hope. This is the same with Erica’s story.

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In an interview with former “Duck Dynasty” star Missy Robertson in “The Overcomers” podcast, Erica shared the roller coaster ride of her life. She began with the story of how she witnessed abuse of her father to her mother. She also said that her childhood was very difficult.

MIssy Robertson (Photo: CBN)

At 15 years old, she dropped out of school and ran away from home. She ended up living with random friends, which was the start of her ride down south.

“I was exposed to the drug life, selling drugs. I was exposed to crack houses. … seeing people use drugs,” she said. “I smoked weed and I took Ecstasy pills at the time.”

She began selling crack cocaine and then got pregnant with a little girl. Her daughter’s arrival in her life was a little ray of hope, as she tried running a home daycare.

But unfortunately, Erica couldn’t run away from the drug life. She continued selling and using them. At one point, she experienced seizures from too much drug use.

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Eventually, Erica was imprisoned and faced 20 years in jail for dealing. Her daughter was in the state’s custody and she wasn’t allowed to see her.

That moment in her life was the most painful thing. She concluded that her life was totally ruined, until an old lady spoke to her in jail. This old lady was visiting from a local church and she told Erica one day, “God has something in store for you.”

Erica has never met God before so she didn’t believe at first. But when she started attending church meetings inside the jail, the roller coaster ride started to get back up. And, for the first time in her life, she opened a bible.

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“The first thing I’ve ever done in my life that was just the right thing for me is I picked the Bible up,” she said.

A miracle happened when Erica was released from prison. Ever since that day, she has been sober and started working at Robertson’s company Laminin.

“I’m a whole different person now,” she said. “I can see people on drugs and my heart goes out to them.” Erica said she hopes to be a drug counselor someday.

Erica’s life is a proof that no matter how deep you’ve gone into sin, God has the power to turn your life around if you only surrender your life to Him. Get to listen to the whole podcast featuring Erica’s story.

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