From Depression And Gender Confusion To Freedom In Jesus Christ

Kevin grew up in a very abusive environment. The first person to abuse him was his female cousin. Because of this pattern of abuse, at such an early age, he had a twisted view of sex and love. He longed for love and family and sought for it in all the wrong places.

In spite of all the horrible experiences, Kevin remembers one bright spot in his childhood. It was the Kids Sunday Church called ‘Joyland’. He describes it as one of the safest places he felt in his entire life. It left a deep good impression on him but the wounds from the abuses he received growing up continued to greatly manifest in his life.

He was diagnosed with bipolar, multiple personalities and major reoccurring depression. He even experienced gender confusion and became a transgender. Kevin’s unpleasant involvements pushed him into prostitution. For him it was money, power and validation as he was equating sex with love. He was making good money and got off the streets for a while but at the end of the day he still felt empty.

Then one day he decided to go on a spiritual journey and tried world religions. He became a Muslim for 4 years, tried to cast spells, had done Buddhism, Reiki Master and Feng Shui Master, but not even one had the real power to change his life. He never got was he was looking for and it only made things worse for him.
But things began to change after he heard the still small voice of God.

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