Daughter Tells Mom With Alzheimer’s ‘She’s Pregnant’ Every Day—Her Reaction Is Heartwarming Each Time

Caters Clips | YouTube

Such a joyful and heart-warming scene when a daughter reveals to her mom that she is pregnant. How much more joyful it would be when you need to reveal your pregnancy to your mom every day? This video brought me to tears!

Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking, and behavior. Symptoms develop slowly and worsen over time. Alzheimer’s can even interfere with daily tasks and basic tasks. Taking care of a person with Alzheimer’s disease is truly a tough task but when you do so in love, it would just be your joy to see her smile every day.

Christine Stone found out that she was pregnant and she just couldn’t wait to tell the good news to everybody. But her mom just forgets about the good news every day. So what she did was, she tells her the good news every day. Such a heart-warming scene!

Source: Caters Clips and Alzheimer’s Association

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