4 Dangerous Signs Your Identity Is A Lie

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Your identity is what you tell people when they ask you, “Who are you?” And it is indispensable. How you define yourself affects how you deal your everyday life and how you perceive things. So if you view yourself as worthless, then you’ll believe when people say that you’re not significant or not enough. If you equate yourself with the temporary things around you, you’ll be just like an object being tossed by the wind without one direction, trying to be where life and circumstances lead you.

But it shouldn’t be that way. You’re worth is far more than this world, and unless you believe it, life will always seem fleeting and pointless.

Here are the four identity myths most people believe in. But because you’re reading this, I believe that this is the time you’ll be free from these myths and learn to embrace the greatness that lies within you.

1. You Are Defined By What You Do

These are the people who are so engrossed in achieving something, giving their all and best to be on top and beat everyone. They are the perfectionist who based their worth in their achievements. And if they don’t achieve something, they’re not worth anything.



2. You Are Defined By What You Look Like

These people have to be the prettiest, sexiest, have the nicest dress and outstanding appearance. They based their worth in their physical attributes. Nothing else matters to them. They’ll spend, at all cost, everything just to have the nicest dress, nicest car, or anything that will verify their worth.


3. You Are Defined By Who You Know

These are the popular people. They are the people-pleaser who would trade genuine relationships just so everyone will like them. They need to observe perfect profile as much as possible because it scares them if they’ll be unlike by even just a few.


4. You Are Defined By What You’ve Done

These people are the ones who have done something wrong in the past and equate themselves with those mistakes. They view themselves as a mess-up person who has no hope to change. They’re past and mistakes define them.



Everything listed above are all myths. They’re not true. Because the truest essence of your identity lies within you, the power of God and His Spirit that will never depart from you. The One who can verify your worth is the very One who made you out from the dust, the Eternal one. Everyone longs for acceptance and significance to the point that our whole life depends on it. But it shouldn’t be that way. You don’t need the world to define you, but change the world by allowing God to define you.

Because truth is;

You are powerful.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
You are enough.
You are not your mistakes.

Meditate on these words every single day.

Watch the video below to understand more of who you really are. Hope this helps!

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