Christian Comedian Tim Hawkins Has Prepared A Hilarious Song For His Wife

Comedian Tim Hawkins never fails to make me laugh, and some of his parenting bits are my absolute FAVORITES—especially when he does song parodies. His most recent DVD “Just About Enough” just dropped, and with it, he released this HILARIOUS clip on YouTube—one that NAILS what every woman wants to hear from her husband.

Parodying the famous 90s R&B song “I’ll Make Love to You,” Hawkins croons “I’ll Clean Up For You,” a version of the song that I think most moms would agree is WAY sexier! Hawkins says that the 6th love language is actually “Swiffering” and I can’t help but agree! There’s nothing a tired mom wants more at the end of the day than to be able to veg out in front of Netflix with her yoga pants on while someone ELSE cleans up and puts the kids to bed.

This video will leave you rolling with laughter! Who else is LOLing? SHARE to bless others!

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