Child With Special Needs Caught On Cam Worshiping God At The Car Seat!

A boy with special needs was caught on cam worshiping God intimately at the top of his lungs while riding a car!

It is such a blessing to have a child especially when he or she has special needs. They could teach and mold us to become who God wants us to be while we are also teaching and molding them to become who God wants them to be. Just like how this child in the video taught his parents a great lesson about life: that all things work together for our good.

This video is now touching the heart of millions of people!

Credits: Felicia Herb Brown

Angelic How Great Thou Art

Parker was singing at the top of his lungs this morning!! He always gives me just what I need exactly when I need it ❤️ This journey that we are on is a hard one, especially for me, but moments like this one remind me that everything is going to be okay… That he is okay… He is happy… and I can be too 😊 The good Lord gave us such a special gift. Two special gifts in fact. How great thou art!!Credit: Felicia Herb Brown

Posted by Victory Today on Saturday, March 3, 2018

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