Cheating Wife Commits Suicide For Guilt, But Holy Spirit In Husband Responds Unexpectedly

The Official 700 Club

It’s every couple’s dream to live a happy, peaceful life together. That’s what Kasey had in mind when she settled down with her husband. But it wasn’t easy for her especially since she had a rough past. When she was still young, she was raped by an older man. That incident sparked a lot of hurts and resentment towards God. That’s when she started taking illegal drugs and having sex with men.

She tried changing her life after she got married but she fell into temptation and got into an affair. Her husband found out about it and she was overwhelmed with guilt that she decided to take her life away. But her husband’s love showed her the way out from darkness.

Watch Kasey’s testimony on how she was able to overcome her past and how her husband’s love helped her through:

Source: The Official 700 Club

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