Cancer Left This Woman Hopeless, Until Jesus Appeared In Her Dream In An Unimaginable Way

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Life is always unpredictable. We can’t control everything on our own and we don’t know what will happen in the future. At a certain time we think we have it all, but tomorrow is a different story.

Remember the story of Job in the bible? He had everything he needed and beyond, laid and prepared before him, but lost it all at one go. (Reference verse: Job 1)

This is the same story with Vicki. She thought she had everything she could ever ask for in life. She had the money, the sports car, the nicest clothes and everything just seemed so perfect. Everyone would look up to her and say, “I want everything that you have now.”

But that all changed. Unprepared and startled, Vicki slowly lost the things she deemed precious. It was like the sand that was slowly fading away from her grasp. From her business transactions to relationships, everything was falling apart. The things that she worked hard for herself came crumbling down before her eyes. Worst part is, she was diagnosed with cancer.

Everything seemed so hopeless and dark she could barely see the light of hope. But God is a sovereign God and showed Himself in a way Vicki never expected! He showed her that even if you lose all the temporary things and treasures of this world, as long as you have the eternal One, everything will fall into its place and can be multiplied in ways we can’t imagine.

Are you struggling with something right now? Does your situation seem hopeless? Listen to this testimony and witness on how God restored Vicki. Claim this to yourself!

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