This Boy Was Nearly Decapitated In An Accident But Saw Angels That Saved His Life!

Youtube | CBN

Josiah is a 12-year-old boy who got himself into a tragic jet ski accident. Right after the incident, a voice from heaven spoke before him saying “Put your hands up Josiah.”

His parents were in great shock knowing what happened for he was in great body deformation especially on the upper part up to his face. There was blood everywhere. After a while, an ambulance came and Josiah was brought to the hospital. In there, he got into a coma for almost a day. As he stated, while in the middle of the operation, God spoke to him through an angel and started healing his injury.

Right after he got well and discharged from the hospital, his parents were shocked for a sudden change in his behavior and the way he brings his life. He said he saw angels. God was there and it was Josiah’s first time to hear God’s voice. Since then, he has been bold in sharing his testimony and have been praying for those who need healing.

Watch as he and his mother share the testimony in their words of how it all happened and what amazing things God did.

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