Boy With Autism Powerfully Sings On Pulpit, I Cried As He Starts To Lead The Worship

YouTube | Northland Church

For we live by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). This verse reminds me of this amazing young man’s real life story from Northland Church.

Christopher Duffley, who is now 16 years of age, was born premature in a critical condition. Doctors said that he wouldn’t be able to make through the night but at that moment his aunt prayed for him. She asked God: “be with my brother and to do what His will would be.”

Photo | GodTube

As he grew up, everyone was surprised with how he sang. They realized how the prophecy of God in Christopher’s life is slowly unfolding before their eyes.

Watch as he not only sings but points people back to God with his story. To God be all the Glory!

This video is when he led the worship with the praise song “This is Amazing Grace.”

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