Bible Miraculously Untouched After A Fiery Fire Destroys Family’s Home

Photo: WYMT

The Clevinger family from Pike County is currently recovering from a fire that burned their home down completely. Because the small house was packed with oxygen tanks inside, it caused the home to quickly turn into ashes. Fortunately, no one from the family was hurt since they were all out for a doctor’s appointment.

“When I got back the building was on fire,” said Alisha Clevinger. “It just went. It was gone in no time.”

Alisha is the daughter-in-law of the home owner, John Clevinger. She is grateful that no one is hurt but still downcast over the fact that memories in that home were gone in a matter of minutes. “It’s been here for over a hundred years. He grew up in the house, his mom and dad grew up in the home, he grew up in the home,” said Alisha.

They basically lost everything except for one thing that greatly astonished them–a long-time family heirloom, their Bible. John Clevinger III said that the entire living room was burned down. However, the surrounding area of the table where the Bible was placed at was spared from the fiery flames. It was miraculously unscathed. “As soon as they grabbed it a piece of the ceiling came through and broke the table,” the young John said.

For the family, the Bible is a symbol of hope as they try to move on and rebuild. “We got our Bible out, thank God we got our Bible. And that was it, that’s all we needed,” said Alisha.

Source: wymt

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