Baby Moved To Tears As Mom Sings ‘Good Good Father’ To Him

YouTube | Jennifer Vorpahl

The worship song “Good Good Father” has touched millions of people around the world. It was the song that was first released by Chris Tomlin on his album “Never Lose Sight” composed by Pat Barrett and Tony Brown.

The song reached through the hearts of God’s children as they cry out to Him “Abba Father.”
He’s a good, good Father indeed and baby Leland can attest to that. As his mother sang the song to him, it seemed like he understood God’s love through his mom’s beautiful voice singing the song during mealtime. His reaction is just so adorable as he is moved to sweet tears.

Watch the video below and I tell you, you can’t help but be moved and carried away with the baby’s reaction. Priceless, precious and cute as ever!

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