An Angry Dad Meets a Forgiving God

Dave’s harsh treatment of his son resulted in a life-changing journey to find a runaway child.

“I noticed there was this yellow piece of paper on his bed. I picked it up I started reading it and it had said that he had left.” Without warning, Dave and Dorinda Moore’s 19 year old son disappeared – leaving only a note. “It just went on to say how he was flunking out of college and how he couldn’t face us with this failure,” Dave said. “I began to have chest pains; my heart was pounding so hard. It was the worst moment of my life.”

The note said that he had left his car at a Greyhound bus station in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but didn’t say where he was going. “I just yelled at Dorinda to grab her purse and I grabbed my wallet and grabbed my keys and we just jumped in my vehicle and left. (I was) running stop signs and running red lights. (I was) just trying to get there as fast as I could get there,” Dave recalls.

They found the car, but their son was nowhere in sight — and the bus station was closed. “We knew he’d gotten on a bus and we knew that wherever he got off that bus he’d be broke and he’d be homeless,” Dave said. Dorinda was also concerned for their son’s welfare. “I was afraid that someone would hurt him, and that we would never see him again.”

I became a new man. And not only that, but because I was searching for my son, I never realized that God was always searching for me.”


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