7 False Teachings Christians MUST Avoid

YouTube | THE BEAT by Allen Parr

As Christians, it is really important for us to soak ourselves in the Word of God every day. Ask Him for His guidance and let Him renew our mind, heart, and spirit. It is by then, from glory to glory and step by step, He will reveal Himself more to us – the secrets of Heaven that is only revealed to those who diligently seek and ask Him. With that, if we are rooted and founded in the Word of God, we will be able to know and discern what are truths and lies.

Here are 7 popular false teachings Christians must avoid. Jesus said that false teachers would come as wolves in sheep’s clothing. Much of what is being promoted across the pulpit today is false teaching and not supported in scripture. I encourage you to check everything you hear against scripture to ensure it is biblically sound.

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SOURCE: YouTube | THE BEAT by Allen Parr

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