5-Year-Relationship Abstained From Sex Before Marriage, 21-Year-Old Vlogger Shares Why

Instagram | milenaciciotti

Nowadays, it’s so rare to find people who truly value sexual purity. But this 21-year old newlywed vlogger from Michigan proves that it’s possible to be a virgin on your wedding night. She faithfully abstained from sex before getting married.

Instagram | milenaciciotti

Milena and her now-husband was in a 5 year relationship before they finally tied the knot. To everyone’s surprise, they never had sex during those years of the relationship. Jordan and her had the same views about sex and marriage before they met and she made this firm decision when she was still 12 or 13 years old in a church concert. She even mentioned in the video about how difficult it was when they were still high school. People around them mocked them for this infamous belief because it became a normal thing for the youth.

Instagram | milenaciciotti

She also admitted that it was way too easy at first because they were too young anyway but things got harder as they got older.

Milena’s insights about saving yourself for marriage went viral hitting over 1 Million YouTube views. But she was quick to clarify that:

“I’m not making this video to look down at people who have had sex before marriage, but for younger people who are waiting and need some advice. I am not here to sit and judge people.”

Today, Milena says it was worth the wait and encourages the young people to do the same.

Instagram | milenaciciotti

Watch Milena’s full message below and be blessed!

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