5 Ways To Know God Is Speaking To You

God is constantly talking to you. He is always by your side and he never failed to communicate to you. Whenever you feel alone and it seems like He is not listening and talking to you, that is just a lie of the enemy.

Know how to overcome the enemy’s lies by knowing how to listen to God’s voice. Here are some ways to know that God is speaking to you.


1. We’re directed to His word.

The Holy Bible is where we could read His words for us. Meditating on the word of God is a life-changing experience. And when God speaks, it’s always according to His words. Anything that is contradicting to His words is surely not a word from Him. We are always directed to His words when God speaks.


2. Situations arise.

The situation you’re in is sure because God wants you to learn something. God also wants to show you His glory out of the circumstances you’re in. Whatever may happen, that would surely bring you deeper into a relationship with Him.


3. Through others.

Each one of us is an instrument of God so that others will be blessed. God can speak to others to reach our hearts. He surely won’t relent until He has your heart.


4. Hear a still small voice.

God doesn’t need a thunderous voice to reach to you. He can speak to you through a still small voice that reaches your heart. You’ll know it, listen to it and see if it aligns with God’s word and who God is.


5. Prayers.

A prayer is not just a monologue but it’s a conversation. This means that there’s an exchange of communication. Every time you pray, there should always be talking, listening and understanding.

Your relationship with God is a constant communication. Deepen that relationship by spending the time to listen to him. And remember, you are never alone!

Source: beliefnet

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