5 Bible Reading Tips For A Busy Schedule

In this bustling world we live in, almost everybody is very busy and our schedules seem to pile up so quickly. Often times, reading the word of God is just an option for us because of our overwhelming schedule. This is the sad truth about today.

We admit that the word of God is a very vital part of our daily lives as we also agree in Psalms 119: 105 that tells us that “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” But why do we often times neglect reading the Bible daily?

We now have a strategy to bring us into daily Bible reading habit. Here are the steps to make time to read the bible daily despite our busy schedule.


1. Start small.

Bible reading is not about how much of it you’ve read or how fast you could finish the entire book, but it’s about how much of it you’ve learned and applied in your daily life. Starting small is the best way to start that Bible reading habit. Start off by reading a few verses or chapter per day then eventually, you’ll find yourself wanting more of God’s words.


2. Find the times that suit you the best.

I’ve been told by so many people that it’s best to do your Bible reading in the morning, but this just doesn’t work for everyone. Find a time that suits you the most, your Bible reading time may be different from the majority of your peers, but it’s totally okay. Bible reading is about building our relationship with the Lord, it’s not about following a specific rule.


3. Set aside a place for meditation.

It’s also important to determine where you would be more focused on reading the word of God. Select a place that suits you the most. May it be in a café, your room, or your office, anywhere will do as long as you could meditate on God’s words.


4. Don’t just read. Meditate

Just reading the word of God makes it powerless. So don’t just read it, meditate on it. There’s more power in God’s word than we could ever imagine, and we could experience it by meditating on His words.


5. Commit to it daily.

We must commit to it daily and not just seasonally. Just like how we committed to the Lord our entire lives. This should be our daily decision to meditate on His words.

Reading the word of God is not a boring chore, it is a joyful experience and loving act of intimacy. As a Christian, it is our honor to meditate on His words and to see His wonder working in us!


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