For 12 years, ‘ICU Grandpa’ Holds Sick Babies When Parents Can’t—Netizens’ Heartfelt Reaction Flooded

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Almost everyone loves babies not just because they’re so adorable but because there’s something about their innocence that lifts up your heart. Babies just simply give you joy!

Meet David Deutchman, also known as “ICU Grandpa” or called “baby buddy”. Mr. Deutchman is not your ordinary Grandpa. He is the only Grandpa I’ve seen cuddling babies for 12 years.

He started volunteering at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta a week later after attending a rehab for a running injury just near the place.

He was often asked by his guy friends why he does like holding babies when he gets puked on or peed on, but his response simply makes it rewarding.

He’s the most inspiring Grandpa I’ve ever seen! Watching him singing songs for these babies in the ICU is just so heart melting.

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Source: BuzzFeed News

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