10-Year-Old Boy Taken Hostage For 30 Hours Speaks Out: ‘I Just Knew God Had Me’

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Who would have thought a 10-year-old boy would have had a face-off with an armed man? Not only did he have a face-off with this gunman but he bravely stopped this man from committing suicide to escape the commotion telling him “God would give him a second chance at life.”

Sincere Trammell, the 10-year-old young boy barely got through the hostage crisis when a 31-year-old Donald Gazaway, Jr. demanded $10,000 from Sincere’s mother. Of course, she refused.

He witnessed the ordeal with his own eyes as Gazaway pointed a gun at her mother’s head.

“When I walked in there, I saw him having a gun to my mom’s head and kept saying give me $10,000 now,” Sincere said.

He tried to get away, but the man chased him into his room “because he thought I had a phone, and then she (mom) ran out the door,” he added.

Photo | Faithwire

Before long, the standoff began when the authorities arrived. The ordeal lasted for 30 hours in which during those hours Sincere was used by the suspect as a human shield several times while shooting the SWAT members outside.

A reporter asked Sincere what kept him calm during the incident and he confidently answered, “I just knew God had me.”

Feeling defeated in the run-in, Gazaway almost gave up by killing himself but Sincere told him, “his son and his two daughters wouldn’t like that, and that God would give him a second chance at life.”

You’ll find it rare to see a 10-year-old boy very calm in an unruly situation where his life could be taken away any minute if the suspect decides to shoot the gun at him. This young man is truly remarkable.

Praise God he made it out alive and used this dreadful kidnapping incident to be brave as a lion and point people to God. Incredible!

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